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Post  Kellysanwell on Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:20 am

Hi everyone, I have an adorable frenchie, she is brindle and beautiful, we love her to bits, took a long time to find her looking at what we thought were reputable breeders, unfortunately she was in pain recently so we took her to the vets thinking she had maybe pulled something on one of her walks, unfortunately it turns out she has a spinal condition called Hemivertebrae , so word of warning even when breeders say a puppy is vet checked it does not rule out all conditions they may be prone to, find out if both mother and sire have ha X-rays to rule out hereditary spinal conditions also avoid screw tail frenchies as this can be a sign too. Sorry it's a negative first post but I believe everyone who is thinking of purchasing a frenchie should be aware of this. We love frenchies and our coco is a huge part of our family and will do everything possible to make her life full of happiness .


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