searching for reputable europe breeders

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searching for reputable europe breeders Empty searching for reputable europe breeders

Post  matthewgordon on Sat May 18, 2013 4:52 pm

hi guys,
my partner and i have decided that we want to find a reputable europe breeder to speak to about taking home a little frenchie pup and from researching our last dog iv always found that speaking to people via forums has always pointed me in the right direction. whats better than speaking to the people who know the breed best right?

i have just moved to berlin germany and we live in a reasonable sized apartment and figure now is a fantastic time to get a pup as im only currently working away from home for maybe a couple hours a day twice a week if that and most of the time working from home, regardless lots of time to hang out with a new pup and train it properly.
my question to anyone who might know is does anyone know of any reputable europe breeders? closer or in germany preferable but not essential. obviously i would like to go and meet them in person to discuss the dog and the closer to berlin the less i havto travel. but again not essential as i want to get a pup from the best.

any help would be extremely appreciated and i look forward to any replies.


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