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Post  Keith A on Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:27 pm


I have a 12 week French Bulldog puppy and she is the second Frenchie I have had. The first 3 weeks she was great and quite normal for a puppy. The last few days she has became Hypo, normally about 7 pm onwards. When she starts nipping at my wife's dressing gown, curtains etc and jumps in her bed scratching and biting it and hard to control. We have not changed her food or done anything to change our routine. She is worm and flied correctly and I can,t detect any underlying problem. She is on a quality wet food, she won't eat dry, called NaturedietWe and we don,t give her loads of treats. we ar a retired opulent so we don,t get her hyper with playing but we do play with her and walk her. Any advice


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