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Post  darcypie on Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:32 am

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on why my frenchie vomits alot? Ive tried changing her food . . she had beta puppy for 12 months and is now on royal canin for french bulldogs. Ive tried soaking it, adding tinned food, feeding small amounts 4 times daily . . . . shes been wormed etc. I dont feed her before a walk or directly after. She gags alot and then vomits probably most days - sometimes not alot but some. Sometimes its straight after eating other times it can be hours after. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this subject really. She seems fit and healthy . . . she opens her bowels with no problems and she looks great. Shes of normal weight as was checked at the vets recently. Will leave it with you all! thanks. Meant to say . . shes only a baby . . . 13 months old.


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Post  Loui_Theroux on Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:07 pm


My advice is to take your dog to the vets and get her checked out. My Frenchie had very similar symptoms to what your describing, he was fit and healthy as you say yours is but just kept vomiting. i took him to the vet, we tried bland diets of chicken & rice which seemed to help but he still vomited. After an x-ray didn't show up anything and bloods were normal, he was referred to a specialist as they were sure they knew what the problem was.
He had an Esophagram (barium swallow) which confirmed he had a hiatal hernia. He had an operation to fix this which he had to have no exercise for a month and was on medicine similar to our heart burn medicine. The symptoms with this form will include vomiting, excessive drooling, as well as regurgitation which is an effortless spiting up of fluids, mucus, as well as undigested food.

This all happened when My frenchie was about 10months old. he is now 15 months old and only vomits occasionally when stressed.... or when he is a temper at not getting what he wants (this is just my opinion).

It may not be this, as there are quite a few health issues that vomiting is a sympton of, but this hernia does appear quite a bit in bulldogs.

As you have tried the basics of trying to solve the problem of vomiting I think it is best to have a vets opinion just to rule out any health problems even though she is healthy otherwise. At least this will put your mind at rest.

As you can guess his hiatal hernia op wasn't cheap either, i think I paid nearly 3,000 which thankfully the insurance paid.

Good luck and hope she will be vomit free soon

Chloe & Loui x


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