does any 1 have any sugestions , bald patches licking feet .

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does any 1 have any sugestions , bald patches licking feet .

Post  stellabella on Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:23 pm

i bought my french bulldog male just over 4 months ago he is now 11 months old now , he lick's his feet a lot , also had a bald patch witch i have seen the vet about and they said he is positive for a mite begins with dem cant remember the rest , he had a pippet like liquid that i had to put on his neck , its been 2 weeks and he loosing a lot more hair and more bald patches witch are getting bigger , ive been to the vet a last week to see how they think hes getting on , and they say give it chance ,
it just seems as long as they get there money its ok for them to sit back and not be botherd in the mean time i feel its getting worse ,
ive searched the net to see if i could buy something but canst find anything not in uk anyway , has any body got any ideas ,and what the licking of the feet could be as he doesnt have hair loss from his feet ? id be grate full for any sugestions ,


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Re: does any 1 have any sugestions , bald patches licking feet .

Post  Loui_Theroux on Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:34 pm


Licking feet in Frenchies is very common habbit. Sometimes it may be down to allergies or diet. However, the licking of paws is likely to be down to the mites, to find out if this is not the case you will need to wait until the mites have cleared up. Then, you can start by taking some other options to find out the cause, like changing diet, allergy tests, etc.

There are remedies on the market that can help with skin issues and hair loss, one I would recommend is Yumega plus for you you can pick this up in Pets at home. This may not get rid of the problem but may help.

I personally would feel fustrated about having to wait with the problem getting worst. With mites, it generally takes a month to see improvement but usually an insceticide (the pippet liquid) will need to be applied for 3 months to make sure all the mites and eggs are dead. Sometimes a medicated shampoo can be perscribed by the vet if the mites continue to spread, but i would wait another two weeks and then speak to the vet about some more options.

Do try and give it some chance and then ask your vet what other options are avaible.

hope this info is some help to yourself and your frenchie!

Chloe & loui x


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