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Help! aggressive frenchie  Empty Help! aggressive frenchie

Post  Ella25 on Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:40 pm

3 months ago I purchased a 4 year old female frenchie and was told she had not had a very happy life being left outside for 2 years used to breed and ignored so I expected to come across some issues with her and was prepared to take these on. I already have a male frenchie who was 9 months old when we purchased her. I was told she was friendly with people are other dogs. The first month we had her we didn't come across any major problems she got on well with my male frenchie with other dogs we met out on our walks and with people however the past 2 months she has become very aggressive towards other dogs and would attack so this has resulted in keeping her on a lead when out which was never a problem for me the past 2 weeks she has gone for people out on a walk and who busted our house when they have gone to stroke her also when I go to take them both out for a walk as soon as I pick up the collars and leads she instantly chases and barkes at my other friend hie and will not let me put her collar or lead in and tries to bite me which has resulted in me not being able to take them out at times apart from this problem she is good in the house friendly and will allow me to put eye drops in her eyes no problem so I don't think it's a issue with trust with me. I fear she has been neglected in the past as she will sometimes cower if you use fast hand movements. She has also had several trips to the vets recently for a eye ulcer and the vet cannot get near her. Please help!


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