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Post  frenchabull on Sat Feb 06, 2010 2:22 pm

i keep seeing adverts for blue frenchies dogs at stud/puppies are the KC registering this colour even though it isn't recognised in our standard

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Post  davelors on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:43 am

hi this is what the kc state as the acceptable colours for registration as per their web page, so if you buy a pup that is not standard colour (as below) and is kc registered then i would check your kc papers as the pup is probably incorrectly described deliberately by these breeders to get it registered, there is no NON STANDARD COLOUR SECTION which is what they should be described as , but that would then alert unsuspecting buyers as to the fact they are being duped as they are not special or rare they are recessive mutations that carry specific health problems that the breed has tried to eradicate by deliberately not breeding these colours .
unfortunately its a case of buyer beware and too few people wanting a puppy bother to research the breed before buying, personally if people ask for puppy pointers i direct them to the breed club, these are people who can advise with out prejudice as there not flogging a litter , are long time fanciers with all specific knowledge that can only come with experience of the breed.
if people are willing to part with up to 4200 for a non standard colour with possible genetic health issues then there will always be a person willing to sell them it .

Acceptable Colours for Registrations
Brindle & White
Dark Brindle
Fawn & White
Fawn Pied
Fawn With Black Mask
Light Brindle


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