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Post  Olliethefrenchie on Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:59 am

Hi there, i just thought i would ask what people are feeding in the UK ? I know that generally speaking, for Dried food, the higher the meat/protien content and fewer to none grain is better.
Im currently feeding Ollie Fromm Puppy Gold, which he seems to like the taste of and is doing well on it, being nice and chunky and also having solid poops Laughing.
The problem ive got now though is soon Im going to switch him to adult food, and here in the UK we cant get Fromm Four Star the Adult version which is what all the american owners seem to rave about. So what would you recommend switching to ? , Taste of the wild, Earthborn Holistic, Omnipro etc ...

Thanks for any help/advice on this, speak to you soon ....

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