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problems with bad breeder Empty problems with bad breeder

Post  alyjane on Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:52 pm

Hi i am Aly im new on here and am looking for some advice please, i have just bought my lovley frenchie girl 3 weeks ago, i boight her from Harrogate, whe i went to get her, the breeder gave me a bag of food which i was told she was nothing else,no pork, no treats, no scraps, only this food which i have never heard of, nor has my vet nor my local pets at home, nor my local pet shop,anyway after we git home i put the pup outside in our garden to go to the loo after our drive home, and noticed that she had very runny poo,which was a light amber colour,she had apparently been fed at 1 0clock, and was told by the breeder that she was never fed after 4pm, so i got her bag of food out of the puppy pack and noticed it was adult working dried food, well excuse me but isnt that like giving a new born baby a roast dinner?, as it was saturday i had her booked into the vet on monday morning and went first thing, the vet tld me that it was tottally the wrong food for a puppy and advised me to put her on a good quality puppy food, which i did, obviously she had diarrhea due to this but the vet assured me it would pass in a few days and at least she was now getting the correct nutrients a puppy should have,biy it didnt get better in a few days it got worse, she was passing very loos poo very light in colour, i went back the vet and was told it might be because she had left her litter, and had her food changed and to give her a day or so as she seemed really bright and very playful,,i tried to ring the breeder to let her know the situation but was unable to reach her so i left her a message, she never got back to me, the puppy has got still got really bad diarrhea worse that before and shes been on the new food for 2 weeks and that is all she has , she does not even have a biscuit, i rand the breeder today and was horrified, i was told in no uncertain circimstances that they did not want to know, she said my vet was trying to rip me off,thats what they do Aly she said, she said that the pup had been vet checked 3 times and was fine, she put her partner on the fone and he said.."if i sell you a car that takes petrol, and you go to the nearest gas station and put deisel in, that your own fault, you changed the food and you were told not too, i dont know what you have done to the pup, they didnt even ask me if she was ok, i said well ill see what the tests say but if they tell me that she has something wrong that is unfixable and she has to be on medication forever, well id would like my money back because i saved for 2 and a half years to buy my puppy, ive always wanted one and waited till my kids where old enough so i could really look ater her and so could thay,it cost me a lot of money and for that amount you expect to get a healty dog,i would not give that pup back to her now for anything, she would only sell it on and she would proberly get passed around from pillow to post, so with the help of my vet i will get her better (i hope).. its just maddening to think that a breeder could be like that,, also,, thats not all,, a few days after i git her i was just about to fill in the kc reg form and noticed it was marked down as fawn, whe i asked about this, she said oh you cant reg blue, blue fawn or blue pied you have to say they are fawn,also the breeder down on the form is a complety differnt person and address, whn i asked herabout it she sai, thats because i can only have so many dogs and so many litters so i have them in other houses with mates, what a crook...what should i do?


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